I’m developing a marketing plan to help AmericanVETradio find new listeners and, perhaps, gain some new partnerships and advertisers. As part of my background research, I went to a website called Slideshare to see what presentations people have developed that might give me some ideas. I found a title that intrigued me, “101 ideas for Internet Marketing.” That sounded like it might have a lot of good advice so I clicked on the link.  As it turned out, the presentation was actually called “Internet Marketing How to do it effectively [sic].” It was literally just a list of 101  tips. There wasn’t much of a logical flow to the information nor was it conveniently grouped in categories. I wondered how someone starting a business would react to a plain PowerPoint presentation such as this.

So how would I update this presentation into something that would give a novice an overview of marketing? Luckily, at the same time I was doing the marketing research, I was also looking at an interesting new tool to put a spark back into presentations called Prezi. Wait, before you click the red X to close this page down, hear me out. It’s a pretty cool method of turning boring slides into a presentation with movement. After several hours of playing around with Prezi, I put together a very high overview of some categories that a person might want to consider before jumping into social media and interactive marketing for a new business. Here is my first draft. I would like to know what you think of my first draft, Social Media and Interactive Marketing.